Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday was not a great day.

bagel/butter 4 pts
yougart 2 pts
berries 0 pts

celery/ cream cheese 2 pts

good so far but the day moved on

So march is national social worker month. My job had a luncheon in my honor. We had a baked potatoe bar, salad and cake. I tried VERY hard to cut the potatoe in half ( it was huge) but seriously it would not cut and I work with a bunch of germ a phobs if they saw me touching the potatoe they would freak. Yes I didn't need to day the whole thing, but please that wasn't going to happen. I will not go into the details on what I but on the potatoe. Buy it was really good. I did have a slice of cake. A corner piece with roses. On the up did I declined to take the rest of the cake home.

Pasta/chicken/ veg. 10 pts

Chips. 10 pts
Snack bar. 3 pts

Needless to say I used most of my 49 weekly pts.

well today is another day

oatmeal 3pts
pineapple 0pts

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