Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Salad. 3 pts
Shrimp crelo. 5 pts
Rice. 5 pts

On Wednesday I cook for both myself and my daughter and her hudnand. and i usually make enough to have leftovers for Friday night supper. The shrimp creole was a new recipie for me. I thought it was very good. I don't eat shrimp that often and it was very filling.
Creole shrimp and rice

1 celery rip, chopped (I used more)
1 small onion, chipped
1 small green pepper chopped
1 Tbs oil
1 can (14 1/2) diced tomatoes, drained
2 Tbs savory herb with garlic soup mix ( couldn't find so I used veg)
1 garlic clove minced
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 bay leaf ( didn't have)
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
1 pound cooked med shrimp ( I used raw)
2 cups hot cooked rice
In a large skillet saute the celery, onion, and green pepper in oil until tender. Add the tomatoes,soup mix,garlic,Worcestershire sauce, bay leaf and cayenne pepper. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 15 min. Add shrimp, heat through. Discard bay leaf. Serve. With rice.


My daughter went out and did a little retail therapy.She has been feeling frumpy since having the baby (I don't agree). Anyways on the way back to my house she picked up Subway. What a treat!

Roast beef (6") with cheese and lots of veggies.9pts
Chips.7 pts

Normally I would have the lays light chips but they didn't have any so my daughter got me the full strength.Could only ate 1/2 NOT and yes they were very good.

My thoughts on A Course on Weight Loss
To judge an aspect of yourself as ugly is to abuse yourself.

Part of your inner conflict is that whole your conscious mind feels a level of disdain for Not-Thin You , your subconscious mind feels quite at home with her.


Today is my day off from work, my daughter and grandson spend the day with me. So I waited for my daughter to get here to have breakfasts. Last night I had a rice pudding cup for snack it was 2 pts.I had one point left so I took one pt. From my weekly 49 I have 30 left.
Southern egg beaters 1 pt.
4 slices Bacon 2 pts.
2 tst / butter.4
1 Tbs WW cheese 0


If you haven't tried the south western eggbeaters there are FAB! Lots of flavor.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I had a frustrating afternoon at work and left an hour latter then I had planned. This is a big trigger for me. When this happens the drive calls to me. That is why I need to have my supper ready to nuk. But even though I had a meal at home I tried to rationalize having fast good. I resisted and am proud of my self. And my supper was.delish! ( same as yesterday but that's ok. Usually I will have what I cook on Sun on tues. On Mon I will make something quick. Even relying on eggs or waffles although that does not give me the veggies o like to include but then chicken nuggets and ff are pretty light in the veggies dept.

Pork. 3
Potatoes. 7
Carrots. 0
Green beans. 0
Salad. 3


Turkey sandwich 6
Chex mix. 3
Fiber one brownie. 2
Grapes. 0
Jello. 0

My thoughts on A Course in Weight Loss

Dear God
Please remove the wall that I have built around me
I have built it so strong,
dear God,
That I cannot tear it down
I surrender to you
Every thought of separation,
Every feeling of fear
Every unforgiving thought.
Please, dear God
Take this burden
From me forever.


Last night I had popcorn 3 pts I took the points from my weekly 49. I have 31 left.


Bagel 3
PB2 2
Berries. 0
Yougart. 2

Last night I lowered my insulin by 25% my blood sugar was 77. Still a little low but I tolerated it. Tonight I will lowered to 50% and see what happens.

My thoughts on A Course in Weight Loss

The weight you are seeking to let go of was added to your consciousness before it was added to your body.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Pork. 3
Potatoes. 7
Carrots. 0
Asparagus. 0
Green beans. 0
Salad. 3
I took three points from my weekly 49 I have 34 left.

I forgot to report that as a snack last night, while watching the Oscers I had popcorn 3 pts so my daily total was 32- no it wasn't close to movie popcorn, but it was a treat.


Celery.0 pts
Cream cheese 2 pts

Turkey sandwich 6 pts
Salad 1 pts
Chex mix 3 pts
Grapes 0 pts
Fiber one brownie 2 pts
Jello 0 pts


I woke up this morning with a low blood sugar (60) so I had a snack well bar. I should have taken a little less insulin last night. When I am on program needing less insulin is a benefit. There was a time when I took much more insulin all day long. I now only take a long lasting insulin at night. I probably could be controled by oral meds but I have had some nasty side affects in the past and I do not mind the needle it comes in a pin is actually less expensive for me, 5 pens cost me $40 and last 6 months.
Snack well bar 4 pts.
Bagel 3 pts.
PB 2 2 pts.
Bananna 0 pts.
Berries 0 pts.
Yougart 2 pts.

My opinion about snack bars. You really need to read the labels. Cause with some of them you might as well eat a candy bar. I look for high protein and low sugar. The one I had today had 8 gr of protein and 6 gr sugar. A good bang for my nutritional buck.


Thoughts from a Course in weight loss

Your unhealthy eating is an act of self hate. Overeating is a form of violence against self.

There are days when we detour into darkness as we make our way toward light.

Know that the greatest successes ate often arrived at two steps forward and then a step or two back. And know that skinny people eat too many potatoe chips sometimes too.

Begin with a commitiment to be kind to yourself.

You don't have the human capacity to fix this problem

Dear God,
Please free me
from the false appetities
and take away my pain.
Take from me my compulsive self,
and show me who I am.
Dear God,
Please give me a new beginning.
Unchain my heart
so i might live
a freer life at last.

My thoughts

please know that God, or a higher power is a personal thing. It can be connected to a formal religion or not

Sunday, February 26, 2012

6:30 2/26/12


Pork 5 pts.
Home fried potatoes 5 pts
Salad. 2 pts.
Carrots. 0 pts.
Green beans 0 pts.
Asparagus.0 pts.

as you can tell I love vegtables. and I mostly eat fresh. I buy
The vegtables that are ready to cook. Now I know they are more expensive but I only cool for myself. In the summer I do go to the farmers market. I really only like canned corn and beets. I will keep a few bags of the steamer veggies in the freezer to add chicken or left over pork for a quick sirfry.

1:30 2/26/12

Pre made south western salad 5 pts.
TOT. 5/17

I made a trip to Wal-Mart for my strawberries and a few things for my grandson. While I was check out the aisles what to I spy but small boxes of Valentines candy. for 10 cents. I tried to convince myself they wouldn't taste good. I like soft choclolates and usually there is only the hard carmel. In the past I might of bought 10 boxes. So I bought 1 box. And they were so good. All soft center. So it cost me 7 pts of my weekly 49 so I have 37 left. Points well spent. I feel that denying myself well only cause me to eat more. I eat many "power foods" and since I didn't use the points out of my daily total I don't feel I messed up my day.

6:45am 2/26/12

As a snack last night I had a sugar free jello cup with a squirt of whipped topping.0 pts. Also I did not eat anything in the middle of the night.

2 eggs. 4pts.
4 strips bacon 2 pts.
2 tst sm amt butter spread 4 pts.
Mixed fresh fruit.0 pts.
1/2 cup Greek yougart.2 pts

on the weekends I tend to eat less dairy, I am not a milk drinker. So this morning I bulked up my breakfast with some yougart.

This morning I returned to a book that in the past has been very inspirational on leading me on my weight loss journey. And I highly reccomend it."A Course in Weight Loss-21 Spiritual Lessons For Surrendering Your Weight Forever" by Marianne Williamson

Her premises is that poor diet and lack of excercise are not the cause of your obesity the cause is your mind. Fear, loneliness and isolation feed our need to overeat. All the negative messages we feed ourselves feeds these maladaptive behaviors, love can break down these walls.

I have spent many hours and dollers searching the isles of Barnes and Nobles looking for that magic pill that will lead me to weight loss. I don't need to tell you there isn't one but this book gives me hope and inspiration.

If anyone has read this book I would love to know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

7:00 2/25/12

After my stitch group this afternoon I decided I could no longer live without the Rachael Ray stonewere oval serving dishes. In eggplant. Since I got my tax refund I decided to surcume to my hearts desire. After shopping I decided to go to Applebees. They have about five choices that list WW points. All I can say is DELISH!!!!!!

Salad. 2pts
Steak, red potatoes and garlic brocolie.12 pts.


Since it was so good I am a little leary about the pts. So I decided to take 5 from my weekly 49.
Trust me they were well spent. I will make Applebees a regular eat out spot. Welcome to my three new followers. You inspire me. I so appreciate your comments. It your comments are not want to share on the blog you can always email me

1:00pm 2/25/12

Soup 3 pts.
Turkey sandwich 4 pts.
Chex snack 3 pts.
TOT: 10/17
Went to WW with my daughter ( I weighed in on thur) it was good to hear another leader. And BRAVO to my daughter who is now 2.8 lbs her pre pregnancy weight. When I grow up I want to be just like her. My hero.

2/25/12 8:30am

Slept in today, 7:00am. Yesterday was a great food day. I did grab a few grapes after a bathroom visit. I think I was thristy and should of had a glass of water. I want to avoid night eating although it is really not a issue for me. Weekends I like to have a bigger breakfast, point wise it is not much different but its a change from my Mon-Fri fare. I see it as a treat.

2 waffles 4 pts.
4 slices bacon 2 pts.
Butter sub 2 pts.
Grapes 0 pts.

I love bacon! I buy the Oscar myers already cooked bacon and its only 70 cals. for 4 slices and because its always "ready"its there to add some zip to sandwiches. Yes there are better protein choices but feeling like I'm eating something special is also important in making one not feel deprived.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Skinney cow ice cream sandwich 3/0


Pasta/chicken/veg stirfry 9 pts
Salad 3 pts.

I had a busy day at work which helps to curb my compulsion to eat. It was also a frustrating day but I did not eat over it. I went grocery shopping after work. I only bought " good" food I will have to stop at another store tomarrow because there were no strawberries.I have to have my berries. I had planned to go to the Y this evening to swim but I am whipped. I have been paying my membership and haven't been since Aug.(sad and wasteful). I really enjoy swimming and I used to swim every morning. But I now go to work at 7 instead of 9 and although I get up at 3:30 I love my morning time. I plan too work on a plan that works and do the best I can until April 1st.


Before I forget- you can order PB2 Bell plantation they are on the internet or you can order from Netrition,Inc. 25 Corporate circle, suite 118 Albany, NY 12203 tel no: 1-888-817-2411.

Lunch- 1:40
Veg soup 1/2 cup noodles 3 pts.
Onion roll- 6 pts.
Light butter spread 2 pts.
Cantalope- 0 pts.
Jello-0 pts
TOT 11/15
About every other week I make a crock pot full of soup- sometimes I add meat any vegtables I have . I always cook my noodles seperate and then put them into servings. I like my soup spicey. If my nose ain't running I've missed the mark. I use a carton of chicken stock (low sod.) If I've made a chuck roast in the crock pot the left overs become soup.


Snack-Celery (4 stalks) 0 pts WW Cream cheese 2 pts. Tot.2 pts.9/26. I have to tell you I am a sucker for portion controled foods. I buy the WW cream cheese in the 2 oz. Cups. Keeps me honest. Easy cleanup, grab and go. I pack my breakfast, snack and lunch every day. It's not only a healthy option but also a finicial choice. I usually get to work at 7:00am- review my day, check email while I eat breakfast, snack around 9:30am lunch at 12:00, today was very busy so no snack till now. Lunch will be around 1:30 which is good since I am going grocery shopping after work. I should tell you I get up at 3:30am and have a pot of coffee. This is my favorite time of the day. I have also drank 20 oz water.

The Start of the journey

In this first post I will tell you a little about myself. I am a soon 60 year old. The funniest thing just happened. Auto correct made me 50.LOL . Anways I am divorced mom of a 34 year old son (Ryan), a 27 year old daughter (Rachel) and a new grandson 2 month old Cameron. I have also been blessed with a Son in law (Joe). I work full time as a social worker. My weight struggle has been life long. Currently I weigh 268 (5'3"). At my top weight I was 384. My lowest weight has been 248. My weight loss was a result of lifestyle changes and has taken place over the last 12 years. I have health struggles. I am a 14 year survivor of ovarian cancer. I have high BP and diabetes, both in control with meds. I would say I am an emotional eater. I currently go to weight watchers and I can tell you from the age of 10 to 18 my parents had me on many diets, pills, shots ect. But from the age of 18 to 58 I did not "diet". I joined WW because my daughter had experienced a life tragedy and wanted to go. So I came along for the ride. GOOD DECISION. I've had my UPS and downs but I do weigh less then when I started (288). I want to use this blog to record my food as I eat it and as a way to explore my feelings. Your comments and struggles are so welcomed. So to start I had a thin bagel 3 pts.2 Tbs. PB2 2 pts. Bananna 0 pts, mixed fresh berries 0 pts.1/2 cup Greek yougart 2 pts. Total 7 pts. My daily budget is 35. For those of you who don't know what PB2 is let me tell you its the greatest invention since the wheel. It's a powder, you mix 2 Tbs with 1 Tbs water-45 cals! I dare you not to love it. It's hard to find. In my area it is only available at the commisary and through mail order. I'll post the address next post.