Monday, February 27, 2012


Thoughts from a Course in weight loss

Your unhealthy eating is an act of self hate. Overeating is a form of violence against self.

There are days when we detour into darkness as we make our way toward light.

Know that the greatest successes ate often arrived at two steps forward and then a step or two back. And know that skinny people eat too many potatoe chips sometimes too.

Begin with a commitiment to be kind to yourself.

You don't have the human capacity to fix this problem

Dear God,
Please free me
from the false appetities
and take away my pain.
Take from me my compulsive self,
and show me who I am.
Dear God,
Please give me a new beginning.
Unchain my heart
so i might live
a freer life at last.

My thoughts

please know that God, or a higher power is a personal thing. It can be connected to a formal religion or not

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