Monday, February 27, 2012


I woke up this morning with a low blood sugar (60) so I had a snack well bar. I should have taken a little less insulin last night. When I am on program needing less insulin is a benefit. There was a time when I took much more insulin all day long. I now only take a long lasting insulin at night. I probably could be controled by oral meds but I have had some nasty side affects in the past and I do not mind the needle it comes in a pin is actually less expensive for me, 5 pens cost me $40 and last 6 months.
Snack well bar 4 pts.
Bagel 3 pts.
PB 2 2 pts.
Bananna 0 pts.
Berries 0 pts.
Yougart 2 pts.

My opinion about snack bars. You really need to read the labels. Cause with some of them you might as well eat a candy bar. I look for high protein and low sugar. The one I had today had 8 gr of protein and 6 gr sugar. A good bang for my nutritional buck.


  1. I didn't know you were diabetic. My father was too. He was much worse off than you though because he didn't take care of himself like you do.

    I check my blood sugar periodically and it's usually good, except the one time it went down to 50 for some reason. (???)

    I agree about the snack bars. Yogurt is also a gotcha. That one little cup of yogurt can have anywhere from 80 to over 200 calories and they also vary greatly in fat content!

    Have a GREAT day!

  2. Your so right about the yougart-I usually buy plain Greek yougart. I do have to mix in a little splenda. This past week I had a coupon for a yougart with some chopped almonds on the side.190 cals. I will need to rethink you standard breakfast. But sometimes change is good.