Friday, February 24, 2012


Before I forget- you can order PB2 Bell plantation they are on the internet or you can order from Netrition,Inc. 25 Corporate circle, suite 118 Albany, NY 12203 tel no: 1-888-817-2411.

Lunch- 1:40
Veg soup 1/2 cup noodles 3 pts.
Onion roll- 6 pts.
Light butter spread 2 pts.
Cantalope- 0 pts.
Jello-0 pts
TOT 11/15
About every other week I make a crock pot full of soup- sometimes I add meat any vegtables I have . I always cook my noodles seperate and then put them into servings. I like my soup spicey. If my nose ain't running I've missed the mark. I use a carton of chicken stock (low sod.) If I've made a chuck roast in the crock pot the left overs become soup.

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