Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/25/12 8:30am

Slept in today, 7:00am. Yesterday was a great food day. I did grab a few grapes after a bathroom visit. I think I was thristy and should of had a glass of water. I want to avoid night eating although it is really not a issue for me. Weekends I like to have a bigger breakfast, point wise it is not much different but its a change from my Mon-Fri fare. I see it as a treat.

2 waffles 4 pts.
4 slices bacon 2 pts.
Butter sub 2 pts.
Grapes 0 pts.

I love bacon! I buy the Oscar myers already cooked bacon and its only 70 cals. for 4 slices and because its always "ready"its there to add some zip to sandwiches. Yes there are better protein choices but feeling like I'm eating something special is also important in making one not feel deprived.

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  1. Night eating is pure evil! I have yet to find a way to successfully avoid it. I pep talk my way all through the day, telling myself "you can do it" only to break open another bag of almond M&M's! They are my current weakness.

    I know you will be an inspiration to many with this new blog.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!