Saturday, February 25, 2012

7:00 2/25/12

After my stitch group this afternoon I decided I could no longer live without the Rachael Ray stonewere oval serving dishes. In eggplant. Since I got my tax refund I decided to surcume to my hearts desire. After shopping I decided to go to Applebees. They have about five choices that list WW points. All I can say is DELISH!!!!!!

Salad. 2pts
Steak, red potatoes and garlic brocolie.12 pts.


Since it was so good I am a little leary about the pts. So I decided to take 5 from my weekly 49.
Trust me they were well spent. I will make Applebees a regular eat out spot. Welcome to my three new followers. You inspire me. I so appreciate your comments. It your comments are not want to share on the blog you can always email me

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