Thursday, March 1, 2012


And my crazy day continues

9:30 snack
Celery.0 pts
Cream cheese 2

Salad with turkey 5 pts
Chex mix.3 pts
Snack bar.4
Cantelope 0

My thoughts on A Course in weight loss
Every moment of unconscious eating is a moment when you are starving from a lack of healthy self-love, and struggling to find it elsewhere.

Dear God
my eyes have been opened to the nature of my disease
I am powerless over food,and I realize that now
I surrender to You both my paon and my compulsion
Please do for me what I cannot do for myself
Dear God, please overpower my false appetities
and cast out my fear.
I thank you for Your love,
which I know has blessed me
I thank you for your blessing,
Which I know will heal me.
And may my healing,dear God,
be of use to others
in whatever way You direct.

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