Friday, March 9, 2012

7:00 am

Bagel/butter. 4 pts
Yougart. 2 pts
Berries. 0 pts

My thoughts on a course in weight loss

Your body is not seperate from your mind so much as it is a reflection of it. As you change your mind,you change every cell in your body.

It might seem at times that you have no control over your urge to eat-and for all practical purposes, many times you do not. But you always have free will regarding what you think, and as you begin to think differently, in time you will begin to eat differently. Your compulsion will dissolve in the presence of the Devine.

I know that I alone am responsible for cultivating a lifestyle that supports my health, my good, and my sernity. I know my body may react with compulsive behavior if I fail to proactively create a peaceful environment. I surround my body with peace so that it will be at peace.

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