Sunday, March 4, 2012



6" subway (from yesterday) 9 pts
Sun chips. 5pts

Just love all those veggies!

My lunches are all made for Mon and tues. I am planning on starting supper soon. As I thought my daughter was coming for supper I bought a roast. So I'll have lot of leftovers. This may work out well since I plan an going to an aqua fitness class after work. So having a meal ready will be good.

My toughts on A Course in Weight Loss

The solution to overeating is obviously not to deny yourself food altogether;the answer is not to deny yourself at all.You don't need to forget food,run away from food, or avoid food. And the last thing you need to do if you want to stop thinking obsessively about food, is to tell yourself not to think about i!! Doing so is an invitation for such thoughts to overwhelm you.

Impatience is nothing but the fear-mind trying to convince you it's hopeless and therefore you shouldn't even try.

Dear God
Please bless the food
that sits before me
May it be filled with your spirit
and may it feed me with Your love.
May it nourish me
that I might help nourish others.
May I never forget those who have no food.
Dear God
Please remember them,too.

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