Friday, March 2, 2012


Celery and cream cheese. 2

Salad with turkey.5
Jello. 0
My thoughts on A course in weight loss

As your fear is reduced, your body will reduce itself. When you no longer fear the world so much, you will be more comfortable dwelling in it. Dwelling more comfortably in the world, you will begin to dwell more comfortably in your own skin and dwelling more comfortably in your own skin, you will subconsciously create a more comfortable body.

You have within you an internal guidance system. It is perfectly calibrated to keep the systems of your body in working order. It guides your breathing, brain functioning, digestion,and so forth. And when you were an infant, it guided your hunger and desire for food. Your guidance system in this area has admittedly been knocked out of working order, but there is nothing inherently permanent about this disorder. When your spiritual guidance system is back in order, your physical guidance system will fall back into place as well.

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